26 май 2010

Bear smart

Problem bears are not born - they are the product of human indifference and carelessness. As bears are constantly on the move looking for food, it’s natural for them to enter human communities. Human food and garbage is very attractive to bears because it is often high in calories and easy to access. A bag full of food garbage is like a buffet laid out for a bear compared to the work of having to pick berries off a bush or catch a salmon. The problem is that conflicts can arise when bears learn to associate people with garbage and other non-natural sources of food. Once a bear has tasted human food, it is likely to return again and again for an easy meal. As bears are repeatedly rewarded with food, they tend to lose their fear of humans and become willing to go to greater and greater lengths to get that food. Bears have even been known to break into cars and homes to get food. Sadly, many of these bears end up being destroyed.

Цитат от страница с инструкции за поведение в селищата и курортите около Уистлър, Канада

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almaak каза...

четох скоро, че белите мечки били кафяви кодиак мечки преди това и сравнително скоро били станали бели ;-)

Магарето каза...

Почти като морковите, дето холандците ги били направили оранжеви ;-)